Agricultural Investment

Agricultural Produce Return on Investment (ROI) is a massive income generator.
Crop produce have various natural and processed uses making these products very profitable.
Your investments grow exponentially as the products are sold both locally and also exported.

MGIS Group has an Agricultural Business Scheme where investors (Corporate and Private), Farmers and Individuals can Invest, Multi manage and also become business Partners.
Our Farm Estate acres are reasonably priced and based on the crop type, and are either managed or privately run.
MGIS Group Agricultural business is involved in Farm Produce and Forestry.

Primary Produce - Plantain and Cassava.
Secondary Produce with Agritech partners - Carrots, Cucumber, Pepper, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Onions.

Our new Farm Estate of 200+ Hectares is located in Ibadan, Oyo [Hubs to Lagos and Ogun states]. Our farming estate scheme provides land for private and managed investors.
Our Partners provide farming services and management for planting and harvesting.

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