About Us

MorGlobal Integrated Services Limited (MGIS).
A Consultancy and Business Services

Mission Statement  'We Deliver Your Vision and Beyond '  

We provide Niche business services spanning across the globe - United States, United Kingdom, Africa and Asia, in partnership with different industry sector companies.   

CONSTRUCTION  AND  DESIGN: Building Construction, Develop and Build. Interior Design,  Decoration and Furniture Design.

ENERGY:  Solar Energy Design and Installation. Solar Products - Boreholes and  CCTV. AGO/ Diesel Supplies and Asset Servicing.

EVENTS  MANAGEMENT  &  MEDIA: Decor design, Consultation and Social Events Management. 

AGRICULTURE / AGRONOMY & FORESTRY: Produce and Crop Supplies and Management. Wood Supplies.

I.T.  &  TELECOMS  CONSULTANCY: IT Project Management and Business solutions.  Telecoms Products Build and Supplies. 

Solution focused and results oriented company, with technological partner companies in Europe, and Asia. 15 years experience in industry consultancy and business services with our partner